Latest edition of Guide to the Art in Paris Cemeteries: Père-Lachaise

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Le Declin lost and found.

Sculpted by Clément Leopold Steiner, and once located in what was called Square Père-Lachaise, now Square Samuel de Champlain, overlooking Avenue Gambetta, this touching, and somewhat melancholic statue was removed many years ago. 

Adam Roberts of the Invisible Paris blog has the whole story behind the statue and what became of it.

Located not far from where Paul Moreau-Vauthier's Memorial to the Victims of Revolution now stands.

Update: latest number of sculptures and sculptors identified in Père-Lachaise

Based on the information I've accumulated for my upcoming edition of the Guide to Sculptures in Paris Cemeteries: Père-Lachaise here are the latest set of numbers:

  • 1,523 sculptures, mosiacs and stained glass
  • 508 sculptors or stained glass artists with works in the cemetery
  • 135 sculptors and stained glass or mosaic artists buried in Père-Lachaise


Another batch of new sculptures added

Divison 2 Hanoteau, Lambert, Laumonier, Le Mardele; 13 Blanchard; 14 Artaize, Lauriston; 17 Chambry-Laborde; 18 Poreaux; 19 Hoentschel, Petit; 20 André, Saulx-Tavannes, Schönheit; 21 Bellanger, Bonnelet; 26 Say; 28 Desnoyers; 29 Oliviera-Arruda; 38 Vigier; 39 Vavin; 44 Blanvillain, Bryndza, Casariera; 55 Thiers; 79 Corréa-Mendès, Peberay-Hantower; 81 Vernaudon

Site updates

I've added a new category to the site navigation called simply "Other," under which you can find those monuments not found in one of the 97 divisions. For the moment this includes:

  • Paul Moreau-Vauthier's Victims of Revolution (outside the cemetery walls in Square Samuel de Champlain)
  • Memorial to city workers who died in service (Rond-Point des Travailleurs Municipaux)
  • Grave of Casimir Perier (Rond-Point Casimir Perier)
  • Le Declin, a humbling, rather sad sculpture of an elderly peasant couple that was located in Square Père-Lachaise (now Samuel de Champlain) but has long since been removed

Madeleine-Sophie Armand madame Blanchard (1778-1819)

French balloonist and aerial artist. The first woman to work as a balloonist, Sophie was killed on 6 July 1819 during a performance at the Tivoli Gardens in Paris when her balloon caught fire and exploded and she was thrown out of the gondola and broke her neck. Pedestal with a balloon on top and a flame on top of the balloon. Sculptor: Unknown. Postcard photo c. 1900:

. . .  and today:

Madeleine-Sophie Blanchard 1778-1819 division 13

New sculptures added

I've recently added new entries to my Pére-Lachaise Sculpture website. The additions are:

division 2 Pascal; 11 Portales; 23 Houppin-Mariage; 24 Gémond (detail); 25 Faucheur, Vallé; 27 Bohm-Girardin; 28 Jouanique, Milan, Mouton; 29 Mayer, Collot; 36 Le Bertre Voize; 42 Chevalier; 44 Denebaude, Mattos-Vieira; 49 Carouge, Thoyot, Vency; 56 Arlenspach; 57 Rivka-Kremer, Godfrin; 58 Pires de Garcia; 65 Sagnes, Tabaraud; 85 Lair-Toussaint; 86 Francisco, Laporte; 89 Pilloy; 95 Palasne de Champeaux.

Visconti in division 4 then and now

Ennius Quirnus Visconti (1751-1818) and his son Louis Tullien Joachim Visconti (1791-1853). 
An Italian archeologist, Ennius was curator of the Capitoline Museum in Rome before supervising the antiquities room at the Louvre. He was originally buried in what is now division 10 but removed to division 4 next to his son, architect and designer Louis Tullien. Louis designed many Parisian buildings and squares, including the Place Saint Sulpice, but is perhaps most well-known for designing the tomb of Napoleon at Les Invalides.  

Shown below is from Normand's 1832 study of sculpture in the cemetery followed by a contemporary photo.

Louis Visconti 1791-1853 division 4