to the finest outdoor sculpture museum in Paris.

Père-Lachaise is the final resting place for some 1 million bodies in over 70,000 graves marked by some of the most incredible sculpture in Paris, many representing the deceased. More than 1,000 wonderful works of art by 382 sculptors and artists are now available for the first time right here. 

Using this site is quite easy. Sculptures are listed alphabetically by division, By default each image opens in Information View. You can opt for grid view (upper right icon).  The information provided focuses on the sculpture, the sculptor (if known) and the location if along a particular avenue or chemin (path). Otherwise the sculpture is inside the division. Cemetery streets and paths are clearly marked and the official cemetery guide map lists the streets.

This website is designed as a complement to my Guide to the Art in Paris Cemeteries: Père-Lachaise.  Designed primarily for art historians, art students and photographers this guide will help you locate and identify 1,165 works of art in one of the most beautiful outdoor museums in Paris: Père-Lachaise Cemetery.

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Unless otherwise noted all photos taken by Steve Soper. All images are copyrighted by the photographer.